Washington Correspondent
TIME Magazine

Adam Zagorin is TIME's Washington-based national economics correspondent where he regularly meets with such key presidential advisors as Treasury secretary Lloyd Bentsen and Chairman of the Counsel of Economic Advisors, Laura Tyson. Prior to returning to the States, Zagorin was the magazine's European Economic Correspondent based in Brussels, monitoring the activities of the European Common Market, as well as financial and business developments around the continent.

A fifteen-year veteran of the weekly news magazine, Zagorin has served in TIME's Paris and Bonn bureaus and covered Wall Street and economic news from the magazine's New York office. Zagorin has also traveled extensively in the Middle East while on assignment in Beirut. He is fluent in French and holds Masters degrees in economics from Columbia University and in Arabic from the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA). In addition to his work for TIME, Zagorin has published articles in Foreign Policy, Manhattan Inc., The New Leader and a chapter in the political science collection The International Relations of the PLO.