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Web-only Exclusives
November 30, 2000

From Our Correspondent: Hirohito and the War
A conversation with biographer Herbert Bix

From Our Correspondent: A Rough Road Ahead
Bad news for the Philippines - and some others

From Our Correspondent: Making Enemies
Indonesia needs friends. So why is it picking fights?

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1. Sykt Kayu Wangi Bhd. a. BHR Ent Sdn Bhd 625,000
  (Ahmad Rizan Basir) 625,000
2. Grand Central Ent. Bhd a. Bapema Corp Sdn Bhd 500,000
  (Hamid Atan) 500,000
3. Intergrated Logistic Bhd a. Bapema Corp Sdn Bhd 500,000
  (Hamid Atan) 500,000
4. Reliance Pacific Bhd a. Prestige Avenue (M) Sdn Bhd 200,000
  (Mukriz Mahathir)  
  b. Kumpulan Segeramaju Sdn Bhd 200,000
  (Hj Zainal Arshad Hj Zainal Abidin) 400,000
5. Juan Kuang (M) Inds. Bhd a. Natovest (M) Sdn Bhd 500,000
  (Not available) 500,000
6. Pan Malaysia Ind. Bhd a. Kelengkapan Hold Sdn Bhd 2,000,000
  (Not available) 2,000,000
7. Golden Pharos Bhd a. Pesama Timber Corp Sdn Bhd 3,000,000
  (Hj W. Mohd Noor W. Ahmad) 3,000,000
8. Granite Industries Bhd a. Khidmas Sdn Bhd 2,420,000
  (Shamsuddin Hassan)  
  b. Primanika Sdn Bhd 20,000
  c. Batu Bara Sdn Bhd 20,000
  d. Permatang Jaya Sdn Bhd 20,000
9. Bedford Berhad a. Cempaka Urus Sdn Bhd 3,000,000
  (Iskandar Hussein) 3,000,000
10. Industrial Oxy Inco Bhd a. Sykt Bumiputera Sdn Bhd 8,000,000
  (Dato’ Hj Ibrahim) 8,000,000
11. Leader Universal Hold Bhd a. SDB Cor Sdn Bhd 1,500,000
  (Daud Seman)  
  b. Lanar Bintang Sdn Bhd 1,500,000
  (Mohd Mazlan Mohd Nong) 3,000,000
12. Johan Hold Bhd a. Prisma Perkasa Sdn Bhd 22,703,841
  (Raja Mohar Raja Badiozaman)  
  b. Setia Permata Sdn Bhd 14,896,000
  (Raja Mohar Raja Badiozaman) 37,599,841
13. Selangor Dredging Berhad a. KK Industries Sdn Bhd 2,000,000
  (Tun Dato’ Hj Omar Yoke Lin Ong) 2,000,000
14. Perfect Food Industrial Bhd a. Arsa Sdn Bhd 270,000
  (Not available) 270,000
15. Anson Perdana Berhad a. Juara Kelana Sdn Bhd 1,000,000
  (Zul Azri A. Aziz) 1,000,000
16. S&P Food Ind (M) Bhd a. Mohd Mutiara Sdn Bhd 2,000,000
  (Not available) 2,000,000
17. Southern Steel Berhad a. First Fleet Sdn Bhd 8,260,000
  (Dato’ Halim Saad) 8,260,000
18. Prolexus Berhad a. Narspa Hold. Bhd 2,156,000
  (Ahmad Mustapha Ghazali) 2,156,000
19. Kemayan Oil Palm Berhad a. Tegak Megah Sdn Bhd 60,000,000
  (Mohd Shaker Hj Ismail) 60,000,000

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U.S. secretary of state says China should be 'tolerant'

Philippine government denies Estrada's claim to presidency

Faith, madness, magic mix at sacred Hindu festival

Land mine explosion kills 11 Sri Lankan soldiers

Japan claims StarLink found in U.S. corn sample

Thai party announces first coalition partner


COVER: President Joseph Estrada gives in to the chanting crowds on the streets of Manila and agrees to make room for his Vice President

THAILAND: Twin teenage warriors turn themselves in to Bangkok officials

CHINA: Despite official vilification, hip Chinese dig Lamaist culture

PHOTO ESSAY: Estrada Calls Snap Election

WEB-ONLY INTERVIEW: Jimmy Lai on feeling lucky -- and why he's committed to the island state


COVER: The DoCoMo generation - Japan's leading mobile phone company goes global

Bandwidth Boom: Racing to wire - how underseas cable systems may yet fall short

TAIWAN: Party intrigues add to Chen Shui-bian's woes

JAPAN: Japan's ruling party crushes a rebel ě at a cost

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans need to have more babies. But success breeds selfishness

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