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Back to basics for Prada

model March 14, 1997
Web posted at: 2:40 a.m. a.m. EST

From Correspondent Elsa Klensch

MILAN, Italy (CNN) -- Milan designer Miuccia Prada makes a clean cut for fall.

She says good-bye to all the prints, leaves, bamboo shoots, flowers and geometrics and in their place does a collection she calls "cross-dressing." Masculine and feminine looks are mixed with a modern twist.

"It's still feminine, but not in a romantic way," Prada explains. "It's all about masculine and feminine, and being strong."

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After two or three seasons of soft moods, decadence and romance in clothes, the designer believes the attitude for the next century is one of strength.

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She uses very few prints or patterns in her 1997 fall collection.


"Instead of prints, we have embroideries," she says. "Another important thing is that we focus on ... doing sportswear in a new way, a little bit oversized with some precious things."

Prada says her color palette goes from black to white with touches of gray, pink and military green. As for shapes, there are two.

"I would say that we have the masculine shape that is kind of oversized. It's not a women's oversized, but it's men's pieces on women and a little bit more loose, not so narrow as it was before," Prada says.

She says this season was difficult for her to design.

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"This change to this new kind of richness and strength, it was more difficult, but I think it's strong," she said.

Prada says she's happy with the collection and hopes other people will like it, as well.

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